5th Grade OSS Fundraiser

On February 18th, CSS PTA kicked off our official Outdoor Science School (OSS) Fundraiser!!  This fundraiser is an individual fundraiser where your child raises funds to attend OSS during their 6th grade year at ESMS.  The goal is to raise $450 for your child.  You can raise funds in 2 ways:
1) Using Boon Supply!  Through boonsupply.com your family and friends can purchase reusable bags, kitchen & organization gadgets, gifts & accessories, travel & on-the-go and food!  Just create your child’s site and share with family and friends!!
2) Collecting cash/check donations (made payable to CSS PTA) and turning them into the front office.

ALL DETAILS HERE — OSS brochure 2020 final

All donations and merchandise sales are due on March 31, 2020.
Need more information on the fundraiser or OSS?  Check out the OSS brochure we created.  If you have any questions, please contact fifthgrade@csspta.com

What is OSS?

The Outdoor Science School is operated by the Los Angeles County Office of Education. They provide environmental science education for 6th graders in a residential camp setting. El Segundo Middle School students go to the hills of Malibu for a 5-day program where the students explore an outdoor classroom. The science content is taught by experienced naturalists and students stay in cabins overnight.

OSS focuses on teaching state science standards through hands-on learning while exposing students to new social settings, exploring different environments, and providing them with new experiences. Students leave the program with a new sense of personal responsibility, independence and understanding of the natural world around them.

  • When is OSS? Spring of the student’s 6th grade year at ESMS
  • How much does OSS Cost? It is estimated that it will cost about $450. There is also a souvenir sweatshirt (designed by one of the students) that is usually about $40-$50.Who pays for OSS? The attending student/student’s family
  • Who gets to go to OSS? All 6th grade students who maintain their academic grades and citizenship grades at ESMS (exact guidelines will be provided at ESMS).
  • What happens if I raise too much money? Any money that you raise over the cost of your student(s) attending OSS will be placed in a general scholarship fund to help those who need financial assistance to attend OSS.
  • What happens if my student cannot/does not go to OSS? If you contributed money to your student’s OSS fund and your student cannot/does not attend, then the funds that were allocated to your student will be placed in a general scholarship fund to help those who need financial assistance to attend OSS. There are no refunds. If you switch schools, you will not receive a refund from the OSS funds earned.
  • What happens if I don’t raise enough money? If you only raise part of the funds for your student to attend, then you will be asked to pay the remaining amount. You may also inquire about a scholarship for your student. The ESMS OSS coordinator will consider all requests for financial help.

For more info contact fifthgrade@csspta.com