The Center Street School PTA Team is made up of the parents, grandparents, teachers and people who volunteer their time to enrich our children’s lives everyday. We would not have this amazing school without their support or YOURS.

Thank you all for working to make a difference!

Note: to email any PTA board or chair person, use the title in parenthesis  @ csspta.com as the email address.  

If you are interested in filling a vacant position, email heather@csspta.com

Meet Your 2020-2021 Executive Board

President – Heather Sutherland (president)
1st VP of Leadership – Laurie Berkowitz (1stvp)
2nd VP of Programs – Mary February Cotrufo (parentprograms)
3rd VP of Fundraising – London Reber (fundraising)
Recording Secretary – Katie Velardo (secretary)
Financial Secretary – Lynda Carson (finsec)
Treasurer – Elizabeth Magana Goldfarb (treasurer)
Historian – Molly Reichle (historian)
Auditor – outside/independent company (auditor)
Parliamentarian (appointed) – Shalee Tan (parliamentarian)

Standing Committees

Classroom Programs – Andrea Ennis (classroomprograms)
Communications/Grade Rep – Karen McAndrews (communications)
Hospitality – Evelyn O’Donnell (hospitality)
Membership – Wendy Turk (membership)
Volunteer Coordinator – Kelly Mularz (volunteer)
Web Guru – Marli Huie (admin)
* The above positions are overseen by President *

Meet Your 2020-2021 Chairs

Classroom Programs

Art Liaison – Mary February Cotrufo (art)
Character Counts – Angela Damante (charactercounts)
Cougars Run – OPEN (run) — not needed for 20/21 year
Garden Docents – Mary February Cotrufo  (garden)
Grades of Green – OPEN (green) — not needed for 20/21 year
Nutrition – Meisha Collins  (nutrition)
Playground/Recess Refresh – Shalee Tan (playground)
Safety Patrol – OPEN (safety) — not needed for 20/21 year
* The above positions are overseen by Classroom Programs chair *

Grade Level Reps

Grade Rep Coordinator – Karen McAndrews (communications)
Tedde/Kinder –  Elizabeth Swanson (kinder)
1st – 3rd Grade –  Ashley Liberty & Wendy Turk (firstgrade)
4th Grade – Marli Huie & Kristin Baker (fourthgrade)
5th Grade – Ashley Liberty & Jessica Donahue (fifthgrade)
Special Needs Liaison – Ana Dillon (specialneedsliaison)
Newsletter Chair – Karen McAndrews (newsletter)
* The above positions are overseen by Communications Chair *

Auxillary Chairs

Legislation/Advocacy – OPEN (legislation) — not needed for 20/21 year
Quarter Master – Shalee Tan (quartermaster)
Scholarship – Ashley Libery (scholarship)
School of Excellence – OPEN (excellence) — not needed for 20/21 year
School Site Council Rep – Ashley Liberty (site)
Student Scholarship – Whitney Groendal & Melissa Train (studentscholarship)
Teacher & Staff Appreciation – Marli Huie (tsaw)
Work Room Coordinator – OPEN (workroom) — not needed for 20/21 year
* The above positions are overseen by 1st VP *

Program & Event Chairs

Founders’ Day Tea + Honorary Service – Shauna Skarin (honorary)
Gals + Pals Dance – OPEN (dance) — not needed for 20/21 year
Parent Night –
Wendy Bosch (parentnight)
Red Ribbon – Jen McCullough (redribbon)
ROAD Representative – Heather Sutherland (road) 
Reflections – Mary February Cotrufo (reflections)
STEAM Night – Ms.Hoppe (steam)
Sons Night Out – Madeline Jones & Lynda Carson (party)
Story Pirates Night – Laurie Berkowitz (storypirates)
Talent Show – Whitney Groendal & Melissa Train (talent)
* The above positions are overseen by 2nd VP *

Fundraising Chairs

Amazon Smile – 3rd VP of Fundraising (fundraising)
Book Fair – Sarah Gayer & Jessica Duffaut (bookfair)
Ice Cream Social – OPEN (ics)
Ice Cream Social Auction – OPEN (auction)
Jog–a-Thon – 
Victoria Stephens (jogathon)
Ralphs Rewards Club – 3rd VP of Fundraising (ralphs)
Run for Education – OPEN (run4ed)
School Supplies – Julie Quinnan (school supplies)
Spirit Wear -Janel Meyer (spiritwear)
* The above positions are overseen by 3rd VP *