Online Membership Renewal

Go to and click on the My Account in the gray toolbar.myAccountthen you will see a “Please sign in” page.


Your username is likely the email that you signed in with, and you may or may not remember your password. If not, You can click the forgot password button to get a new one. Check your junk mail folder – the temporary password is sent from

Once you have successfully logged in, Change Password if you need to!


Now you can choose “My Family” on the left. This allows you to purchase memberships for multiple people in your family. If your spouse had a separate account, you could link them by searching for their email.



If you can’t find them, or they didn’t have one, you can add members by selecting the “Add New” tab

addFamily-newUnfortunately, the system requires each of the information, and makes you retype it for each additional person (but it will save it for next year, and you do NOT need unique email address for additional family members).


Once that is done, your family members should all be filled in under your account:



Now the system has all your information! Click home in the top bar:


Click “View Details” on the PTA Membership Item



Which then takes you to this page:


Notice that you can enter Student Name, Teacher Name, and Grade and there is a drop-down on who the membership is for.


memberInfoThe Student(s) Name(s) is for which student & class should get “credit” for the membership, and where any Legoland & other coupons should be sent. The “For” field (where you see Andrew in the drop-down member) is the actual PTA member name.

Alternatively, you can choose “- -Self Purchase- -” to purchase your own membership, and credit both of your kids classes:


As mentioned above, the “For” field indicates the actual member name. This is important if you will be attending PTA meetings and voting. We are non-profit organization, and all paying members have a right to vote at the meetings.

So in this example, I have purchased a membership for myself and my spouse, and credited each kid’s class:


At this point, you can add more items (donations directly to the PTA, SpiritWear, etc) and click “Check Out” and then “Purchase”. Then you will be taken to PayPal, where you can securely enter your payment information. Once your payment has been completed, you should be re-directed to PTAEZ and see this screen:

thankYouand you will get an email from PayPal. Now when you click on “Membership Cards” on the left-side of My Account, you will be able to print your card:



CONGRATULATIONS – you are now a member of Center Street School! Thank you!