Our programs are the heart of the PTA. We volunteer to support the school because we care about our community, we want to advocate for our children, and we want to provide helpful programs for our parents and kids! We fundraise in support of those activities!

The PTA supports Center Street School in many ways. Some of the free on-going programs that PTA provides to our students with parent volunteers are:

  • Fabulous Fun Days (Special lunchtime fun)
  • Trash Free Tuesdays (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle)
  • Cougars Run (Students run laps during lunch to earn toe tokens)
  • Nutrition Docent (Parents talk nutrition and eating habits to 4th and 5th grades)
  • Character Counts (Parents discuss character in the classroom)
  • Garden Docent (Students have the opportunity to be a part of a gardening project – plant, grow and eat veggies right from the Cougar Patch Garden)
  • Safety Patrol (Parents provide for a safe arrival on campus during the morning rush)
  • Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week

Other Events that the PTA sponsors where admission is free or just covers the cost of the event are:

  • Daddy Daughter Dance
  • STOMP (Sons Take Out Mom Party, Mother Son event)
  • Mother Daughter Event
  • Father Son Event
  • Volunteer Thank You Event
  • Back to School Coffee
  • Room Parent/Teacher Luncheon
  • Art Night, Lit Night, STEM Night
  • Story Pirates Night. Get the Story Pirates story submission form here: Character Kit copy
  • Red Ribbon Week (educate students on bullying)
  • Reflections (every student is welcome to provide a piece of art or literature)

Each one of these programs needs parent volunteers to participate in order to provide an enriching experience for the students.

Please contact programs at csspta dot com  to get involved.