Room Parent Resources

A room parent typically does the following
  • Organizes class parties (typically 4 of the following: Halloween, Winter Holiday, Valentines, Easter/Spring, End of the Year)
    • Usually this involves collecting money (a donation from parents) and working with the teacher to come up with the activities for the party
  • Helps coordinate the class for Ice Cream Social (ICS)
    • Put together some sort of auction item for the ICS (money or item donations from the class)
    • help get volunteers from the class for the day-of
    • Collect gift cards for the mystery grab bags for ICS
  • Helps with Teacher Appreciation Week (there are coordinators who organize the week)
    • Help organize food for a teacher/staff breakfast
    • Collect/organize events at the classroom level (flowers, classroom supplies, etc)
  • Coordinates a holiday and/or end of year present for the teacher
The PTA provides some guidance in making the job easier, but room parent really helps serve as a liaison for the teacher and the PTA to reach parents in individual classrooms.


Coming soon — Sample documentation, ideas, etc that you will need to be a successful room parent. Check back soon for all the links to make your year as room parents as successful as possible.