5th Grade OSS Fundraiser

What is OSS?

The Outdoor Science School is operated by the Los Angeles County Office of Education. They provide environmental science education for 6th graders in a residential camp setting. El Segundo Middle School students go to the hills of Malibu for a 5-day program where the students explore an outdoor classroom. The science content is taught by experienced naturalists and students stay in cabins overnight.

OSS focuses on teaching state science standards through hands-on learning while exposing students to new social settings, exploring different environments, and providing them with new experiences. Students leave the program with a new sense of personal responsibility, independence and understanding of the natural world around them.

  • When is OSS?  Typically, it takes place in Spring of the student’s 6th grade year at ESMS.
  • How much does OSS Cost?  It is estimated that it will cost around $550 in 2023. There is also a souvenir sweatshirt (designed by one of the students) that is usually about $40-$50.
  • Who pays for OSS? The attending student/student’s family.
  • Who gets to go to OSS? All 6th grade students who maintain their academic grades and citizenship grades at ESMS (exact guidelines will be provided at ESMS).
  • Do the current 5th Grade Fundraiser funds go towards OSS?  No.  Funds raised last year and this year for the 5th grade class were raised as a collective for the graduating class and set aside to use/offest costs for the ceremony, picnic and promotion items (yearbooks, etc).
  • How can the student fundraise for OSS?  Seeing as OSS is an individual event, fundraising would need to be ran as such as well.  Any fundraiser done for OSS would need to be done by a third-party that tracks purchases by each individual student.  There are companies that do that and ones used in the past have been Boon and See’s Candies.  Each student would be set with his/her own account to sell/track sales and at the end of the fundraising period he/she would get a portion of the proceeds deemed by the third-party.
  • Fundraising can also be done individually by the family/student.  This past year we saw many ESMS students get creative with great success all on their own and reaping 100% of the proceeds since no third-party was involved.  This model allowed students to tap into their entrepreneurial spirit and get creative: have a lemonade stand over the summer, have a pop-up toy store to sell your old toys, etc.

If there is a parent that would like to Chair this using a company (third-party) led fundraiser please reach out to 5thgrade@csspta.com and the Reps can connect you with all the necessary next steps.

Please use this page and this information to plan accordingly for how you will support your student for OSS next year, if he/she chooses/is able to attend.

El Segundo, CA