4th & 5th Grades

As a grade rep your main responsibility will be communication; however, as you approach graduation the duties will expand in order to support the fundraising needs for 5th grade graduation and beyond.

Here is a snapshot of what additional duties you can expect as a rep for 4th/5th grades.

Only one year until you’re head of the class! That means, now is the time to start building and saving some funds for 5th grade graduation. The primary source will be food sales from ICS in June.  

An outline of overall responsibilities:

  • 1-2 fundraiser(s) of choice that will need approval from the CSS PTA approvals.  Reach out to the Fundraising Chair for any assistance.
  • ICS food sales responsibilities which include securing vendor(s), establishing pricing/sales

You’re almost a Cougar Graduate! The main task will be to organize and raise funds to provide the following for each student: a Yearbook, a T-shirt, the Promotion Ceremony and the Grad Picnic.

An outline of overall responsibilities:

  • option to do snack food sales before on campus events like Family Art Night, Story Pirates, etc.