October 13, 2021 – October 14, 2021 all-day
Back Field
Oak Entrance

This year’s event will be held over 2 days so that we can run grade level cohorts in smaller groups, but the fundraising is now through October 22nd!

The structure is different than previous years due to COVID protocols. In order to allow for students to have the option to go mask free outdoors (should parents prefer) we are only having 2 classes running on the track during each 30 minute session. Each session will include the warm up, run and snack to allow for cleaning and sanitizing between groups. We have also worked to preserve Early Bird / Later Gator and all recess / snack times.
Please respect these rules/procedures for spectators.  Parents will be allowed to come onto the field to cheer on their student during their class run time. Entrance and Exit will be through the OAK STREET side of campus. Parents will NOT be allowed to come early and stay through another group to cheer on a sibling.   You will be required to clear off the field and exit campus after your class runs and come back later for any other children. Additionally, you will have to sign in / out, wear a mask at all times when on the field and have a temperature check completed in order to be allowed on campus. Parent will NOT be allowed anywhere else on campus except the field. There will be NO exceptions to this rule. 
We recommend arriving 10 minutes prior to your students run time to allow for the sign in procedure…

Jog-A-Thon Run Time Schedule 2021 PDF