Postcards will be delivered to teacher’s mailboxes on the morning of Wednesday, May 5th.  Please make sure that all postcards have been filled in completely and delivered to the labeled dropbox at the Chair’s front door by MONDAY, May 3rd.  

Please decorate/complete 1 postcard for your teacher and AT LEAST 1 postcard for Specials staff: PE, Steam and/or Music. You can use any of the below templates. Print in black/white and get creative!

And it goes without saying that you can download/make as many as you like for ANY CSS Staff member that you miss seeing, has assisted you (reading lab/aide/learning center/etc), or you simply wish to thank!

FOR THOSE WITH SUBS: please make one for him/her that’ll be delivered Wednesday to the teacher mailbox AND please also make one for your normal CSS Teacher. We will make sure that one gets to each teacher so please address the “To” field properly!

Template options:


Contact/email for any questions.