School Happenings

There are lots of open positions for PTA-led program chairs for the 2021-2022 school year (click image to see openings) and email for any positions that you may be interested in filling and/or have any questions about.  The goal is to come together as a community to give what we can to provide the most for all our students and families.  We never want anyone to feel overwhelmed in a position and we are a TEAM so you are never running solo…plus you can always pair up and co-chair any program/event too.  🙂

PTA meetings will all take place via Zoom.  The link/password will be posted here, on the main CSSPTA webpage, 24 hours prior to meeting (remember to login using your child’s ESUSD email account).  When you attend these meetings you will hear about: budgets, chair position openings, details of any upcoming events, and get to know each of us more in depth.  Be sure to JOIN PTA prior to the meeting! 

If you have any questions or would like to send me any creative ideas for the upcoming year please reach out to me at 

The complete list by grade of recommended school supplies to have on hand for the school year can be  found here.

If you notice an error on any of this site’s pages, see something that needs to be updated or would like something posted here, please email