Room Parent Resources

What is it: One of the most valuable volunteer resources because you are the main line of communication between the teachers and PTA!
What does a room parent typically do? 
  • Organizes class parties (typically 4 of the following: Halloween, Winter Holiday, Valentines, Easter/Spring, End of the Year)
    • Usually this involves collecting money (a donation from parents) and working with the teacher to come up with the activities for the party
  • Helps coordinate the class for Ice Cream Social (ICS)
    • Put together some sort of auction item for the ICS (money or item donations from the class)
    • help get volunteers from the class for the day-of
    • Collect gift cards for the mystery grab bags for ICS
  • Helps with Teacher Appreciation Week (there are coordinators who organize the week)
    • Help organize food for a teacher/staff breakfast
    • Collect/organize events at the classroom level (flowers, classroom supplies, etc)
  • Coordinates a holiday and/or end of year present for the teacher
The PTA provides some guidance in making the job easier, but a room parent really helps serve as a liaison for the teacher and the PTA to reach parents in individual classrooms.
This includes hosting a Room Parent Luncheon on September 26th during your classrooms lunchtime. The lunch is a chance to meet with your teacher to plan the years events and get some great tools to help you! We also have grade level reps who will provide support and guidance throughout the year!

Coming soon — Sample documentation, ideas, etc that you will need to be a successful room parent. Check back soon for all the links to make your year as room parents as successful as possible.

Below is the Room Parent Orientation Presentation.

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