Room Parent Resources

What is it: One of the most valuable volunteer resources because you are the main line of communication between the teachers and PTA!
Responsibilities Are:
  • Organizes 2 class parties
    • Usually this involves collecting money (a donation from parents) and working with the teacher to come up with the activities for the party
  • Helps with Teacher Appreciation Week (there are Chairs who organize the week)
    • Collect/organize events at the classroom level (door decor, flowers, classroom supplies, etc)
  • Coordinates a holiday and/or end of year present for the teacher
  • You must be a PTA member — Join now

More Room Parent information and tips are explained here, and the Classroom Programs Chair is available to help answer questions as well

The PTA provides some guidance in making the job easier, but a room parent really helps serve as a liaison for the teacher and the PTA to reach parents in individual classrooms.  We also have grade level reps who will provide support and guidance throughout the year!

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