Program Chairs

Our programs are the heart of the PTA. We volunteer to support the school because we care about our community, we want to advocate for our children, and we want to provide helpful programs for our parents and kids!

Looking to get involved?  Meet the Team and see all that there is!  Even if a role that you’re interested in is full, it never hurts to reach out and see if any extra hands are needed.  Detailed position descriptions can be found here.  Contact the Volunteer Chair to get involved.

Already a Chair?  Thanks for stepping up and leading the way!  We are working on updating our Powerpoint Presentation but until then most of this info here still holds true.

A couple things to keep in mind:

  • Chairs are responsible for their own flyers creations and distributions (if doing hard copies).  
  • Once created send to VP that oversees your Program so that he/she can get President approval on your behalf.
  • After approval received, save flyers as PDFs and JPGs to pass to Communications Chair as different platforms require different formats.
  • Every flyer should have the following info included:
    • CSS PTA name/logo
    • Name/Description of the event
    • Date/Time/Location of the event
    • Cost (if no cost, then note FREE big and bold!)
    • Chair’s csspta email as contact for any questions
  • After your event, submit any reimbursements/forms

If you are looking for volunteers for your event the Volunteer Chair can assist you with a SignUp Genius.  Learn all about it here.