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Cougars Run!

Center Street School PTA is very excited to bring a new program to our students! Kids will have the opportunity to run or walk around a designated “track” during recess a few times per week. As they log laps and miles, they will earn “Toe Tokens” to proudly wear on a chain necklace to school!

During Tuesday morning recess and Friday noon recess, PTA volunteers will be on the playground with a box of Mileage Tracker Cards. Students will find their personal Card and hold it while they run. When a lap is completed (by either running or walking), volunteers mark the Cards. 5 laps on the “track” equal 1 mile and once 5 miles (25 laps) are completed, students turn in their Card and earn a Toe Token!

Students also have the chance to earn special tokens for participating in events like the Sketchers Walk and the Run for Education.

The program is initially being offered to Kindergarten and 1st grade students. We are planning to recruit 4th and 5th grade Run Ambassadors in the coming weeks to help with the K/1 kids. And then we plan to roll the program up to 2nd – 5th graders to log miles and earn Toe Tokens in the next few months.

Note: Cougars Run is completely OPTIONAL. If kids choose not to participate, they can play at recess as usual.

We need volunteers to help with this FANTASTIC program. See the sign-up genius to find times that work for you.