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Amazon Smile!

Center Street School PTA is now a charity on Amazon Smile.   Just go to and shop like you normally would on Amazon. When you purchase any products, Center Street School PTA will receive .5% of your purchase price.

When asked to pick a charity, please type in Center Street School PTA.

Please ask family and friends to  choose CSS PTA as their charity of choice too. This is just a one time choice, no need to renew every year. Just do it once and CSS PTA starts receiving money!

Please spread the word. Thank you for your support!

Online Membership

This year is our first year for online membership. The system looks like it may have a few quirks, but overall is running quite well. We hope this makes it easier for families to join PTA from the convenience of your own home! We encourage at least one person per family join the PTA, but every one can create an account and become a member. For each membership, CSS PTA keeps $5.50 and we pass $4.50 up to support our district and state PTAs. But for any donations made via the website, we keep 100% (minus the Paypal charges). So if you want to give more to the PTA, consider adding a donation to the cart along with your membership dues.

A couple of notes: for every membership sold, an account needs to be set up with the webstore (which we run through a system called PTAez). After this first year, we shouldn’t have to do this step for returning families, but we are hoping that the convenience online sales offer will offset the initial 2 minutes of extra time to register!

Welcome Back!

The start of a new school year is coming near — and my kids and I both feel excited and nervous! I’m looking forward to meeting many of you around school. If you have any questions, please email me at or find me around campus — I’m here to help make our school year run smoothly, to support our parents, and to advocate for our children.

Thanks! Kendra Walther

Run For Education

El Segundo Run For Education 5K |10K – (NEW DATE) April 26th, 2014
Visit the webpage, Like the page on Facebook and Sign up Now!
We have special CSS Student Incentives
Red Shoe Lace campaign:  any student that registers for the Kids Run/5K/10K will get a pair of red shoe laces.
Special Tokens after completing the Race:  compliments our Cougars Run program, kids will get a token a few days AFTER the race for completing one or more of the races.  We’ll have special tokens:  kids run, 5K, 10K and those that do Kids Run + 5/10K



Common Core

Learn more about Common Core State Standards!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013 at 7pm in our El Segundo High School’s Little Theater  Introduction to Common Core State Standards 

This presentation, by teachers, parents, students and administrators together,  will share background information and answer questions you may have about how this will impact your child and their education.

Two great videos:

Other helpful links

Cougars Run!

Center Street School PTA is very excited to bring a new program to our students! Kids will have the opportunity to run or walk around a designated “track” during recess a few times per week. As they log laps and miles, they will earn “Toe Tokens” to proudly wear on a chain necklace to school!

During Tuesday morning recess and Friday noon recess, PTA volunteers will be on the playground with a box of Mileage Tracker Cards. Students will find their personal Card and hold it while they run. When a lap is completed (by either running or walking), volunteers mark the Cards. 5 laps on the “track” equal 1 mile and once 5 miles (25 laps) are completed, students turn in their Card and earn a Toe Token!

Students also have the chance to earn special tokens for participating in events like the Sketchers Walk and the Run for Education.

The program is initially being offered to Kindergarten and 1st grade students. We are planning to recruit 4th and 5th grade Run Ambassadors in the coming weeks to help with the K/1 kids. And then we plan to roll the program up to 2nd – 5th graders to log miles and earn Toe Tokens in the next few months.

Note: Cougars Run is completely OPTIONAL. If kids choose not to participate, they can play at recess as usual.

We need volunteers to help with this FANTASTIC program. See the sign-up genius to find times that work for you.