Online Membership

This year is our first year for online membership. The system looks like it may have a few quirks, but overall is running quite well. We hope this makes it easier for families to join PTA from the convenience of your own home! We encourage at least one person per family join the PTA, but every one can create an account and become a member. For each membership, CSS PTA keeps $5.50 and we pass $4.50 up to support our district and state PTAs. But for any donations made via the website, we keep 100% (minus the Paypal charges). So if you want to give more to the PTA, consider adding a donation to the cart along with your membership dues.

A couple of notes: for every membership sold, an account needs to be set up with the webstore (which we run through a system called PTAez). After this first year, we shouldn’t have to do this step for returning families, but we are hoping that the convenience online sales offer will offset the initial 2 minutes of extra time to register!