Center Street School USUALLY has volunteer opportunities just about every day on campus; however, given current conditions volunteers will no longer be allowed on campus until further notice. That said, we are doing our best to find ways to keep programs running where we can. It is our hope that programs like Character Counts, as well as others,  will be able to translate to an online format  so please be patient while we work through any possibilities.

For any who are seeing this page for the first time…this is what you can look forward to whenever campus fully reopens!  In addition to the below, there are other programs to get involved in too.

In the classroom:

Character Counts – Please volunteer to help as a classroom docent. For 20-40 minutes (dependent on grade level and teacher’s schedule), docents give lessons on character like trustworthiness, fairness, citizenship and more. Our Character Counts Chair and team gives ideas and guidance where needed.

Cougar Patch/Garden Docent – Our garden docent program is made up of 1 or 2 parents per classroom who are available to come and help support or garden. Check out the Cougar Patch page for full details…We have monthly lessons by our garden partner – Palos Verdes School Gardens and we need parents to assist. You can read our Parent Volunteer  Garden Handbook and then reach out to garden@csspta.com for more information.

Nutrition Docent – Volunteer to help talk up nutrition to 1st-5th graders. Nutrition lesson plans are given to volunteers to present in their classroom.

Room Parent – Help your student’s teacher by volunteering to be a room parent.  You will help with coordinating activities and communication for your classroom.  Always fun to team up with another parent too!

During the lunch hour:

Grades of Green – Trash Free Tuesdays – Please volunteer to help on Trash Free Tuesday during the lunch hour. We need volunteers who can stamp hands.

Cougars Run (Grades T/K-1) – Tuesdays & Friday for grades T/K – 1. Come cheer on our little runners and help them count their laps. Every lap run gets them closer to earning a little reward.

Cougars Run (Grades 2-5) – Monday & Thursday for grades 2-5. Come cheer on our big runners and help them count their laps. Every lap run gets them closer to earning a little reward.